Are You Ready to Stay Ahead of the Competition - Try a Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis (also called a competitive analysis) is like a window into what yoru competitors are doing in the industry. You can sneak a peek and then plan your own competitive marketing strategy. Basically, it helps you stay ahead by identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competition.


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Carry out a Competitor Analysis

At eJobs4Pros, we’ll carry out a competitive analysis and then go over the results with you so you understand all key takeaways.

Reasons to carry out a competitor analysis include:
  • Better identify your business’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Spot trends
  • Set benchmarks so you can focus on future growth
  • Understand the market and your competition

Are You Starting a New Business?

Any time you start a new business, you’ll want to carry out a competitive analysis. However, remember a competitive analysis is not just for a startup. It is a crucial part of any business process and a valuable tool.

Learn the 4Ps of Your Competition

Product – Price – Promotion – Place
Learn the 4Ps of your competition so you can better reach your own market.

Staying Ahead With a Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis helps you identify your competition. You can examine their company’s background information, learn about their customer base, and see how they target customers so you can fine-tune your own marketing plan.

Let eJobs4Pros carry out a competitive analysis. We can use the insights we gather to create a strategic plan to meet your business goals.

Remember, competitive analysis is an ongoing process. It is the backbone of your research so you can forge ahead and make important decisions for your company. Whether your business is big or small, you want to stay ahead of the competition.


  • What is your competition selling?
  • What product features and services do they have?
  • What do customers find appealing about their products?

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