What is Video Marketing, and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Is video marketing a necessity? YES! Brands need an effective digital marketing strategy. Video has become an integral part of every channel and platform.


Video Marketing

A video marketing plan is crucial in your campaign and outreach efforts, especially when combined with a social media marketing strategy. Look on any social media platform, and you’ll soon discover that video is king. Consumers enjoy watching short videos on social channels.

With a video, you can offer authentic and straightforward information about your brand and products that your audience will retain!

Best of all – video production is wonderfully cost-effective and won’t chisel away at your organization’s bottom line. You can shoot a quality 4k video using a smartphone and upload it effortlessly onto social media.

Whether you choose to use premium camera equipment, optimum lighting, and superior editing software, or you simply opt to share smartphone videos of your business, video marketing is simple, cost-effective, and successful.

eJobs4Pros and Video Marketing

If you are unsure where to begin with video marketing, let the pros at ejobs4Pros handle all of your video marketing needs. We will lay out an effective strategy that might include combining social media with video marketing to truly build and hone brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Video for Landing Pages and Emails

Video marketing is not just for social media. Your landing page can benefit from the video too! Studies have shown that placing a video on a landing page can increase conversion by an astonishing 80 percent.

Adding video to an email subject line increases open rates by 19%.

Many customers report that watching a video helps them make a buying decision. It can showcase a product, how it works, and functions so that the consumer can make a choice.

Video is a goldmine of potential. Let the experts at eJobs4Pros show you exactly to use video marketing to build brand awareness, drive traffic, achieve conversions, and better market your products!

The potential of video marketing is endless!

If you are looking for a versatile and cost-effective tool, then try video marketing! It can be used during the entire customer buying journey to increase engagement.

Create the following videos for effective marketing:

  • Onboarding videos
  • Knowlege-based videos
  • Support video calls
  • Customer stories and testimonials
  • Meet the team videos
  • Product descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • DIY with products
  • Personalized outreach

At eJobs4Pros

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