Is the Tactic of Paid Search Advertising Right for Your Business?

You want to drive traffic to your website and achieve conversions, but you are probably operating on a budget. In such a situation, you might be wondering if a paid search marketing tactic is the right route to take.


What is Paid Search advertising

Paid search advertising is a frequent marketing tactic that involves paying search engines for ad placements on SERPs.

You’ll encounter six factors that determine the placement of Google ads:

Bids: You work within an auction structure where businesses bid on keywords or particular key phrases that are target-specific and geared towards their products and services. The ads work on what is referred to as a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. They are cost-effective because you only pay for the ad if it is clicked upon.

Ad and landing page quality: Google regularly assesses the relevance of landing pages based on their usefulness. Factors like mobile-friendliness, website performance, and more are evaluated. Google then assigns a Quality Score for ads.

Keyword popularity: When two ads have the same ranking then the one with the highest bid always wins.

Ad thresholds: Things like ad quality, user signals, ad position, and other attributes like the nature of the search or the topic are all factored in and related to the auctions.

Context of search: The location, search term, device type, ad competition, search results, and nature of search are considered.

Ad extension impact: Businesses are given the option of including phone numbers and links.

Examining the Benefits of Paid Search Ads

Each day close to 4 million searches are conducted on Google alone by would-be customers looking for businesses and products. Search engines are a guaranteed way to direct high-quality traffic to your website. You can reap the benefits of paid search advertising with minimal investment.

The benefits of paid search ads include:

High-intent audiences: People carrying out a geographic search for local businesses or eCommerce sites selling specific products are high intent audiences. You want to gain their traffic to your website to obtain their business. Paid search ads are highly beneficial.

Money well spent: The bidding format of search engines lets you dictate what you can afford for an advertisement. You can set your maximum bid so you know exactly how much you will pay. There are no surprises so you can budget accordingly. Paid search ads deliver a great return on investment (ROI).

Immediate results: Businesses quickly see measure results from paid search ads. There is no waiting!

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