Local Marketing - Target Clients and Customers Within a Specific Geographic Location

Often called location-based or geo-neighborhood marketing – local marketing reaches your community which is usually the heart of your business.

Local marketing is necessary for any brick and mortar business that wants to reach customers and clients within a particular physical radius (typically 50 miles). This form of marketing is used by tradesmen, healthcare providers, and even physical retail businesses to pull in new customers.

At eJobs4Pros, we offer a variety of inbound and outbound marketing strategies for people within your business’s local area.


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Studies show that over 90 percent of all consumers rely on the internet to find local businesses

When a would-be customer is searching for a particular business or service, they use their smartphone, tablet, or computer to run a local search. It is imperative that your business comes up at the top of the search results for your area, or you risk having your would-be customer/client going to your competition’s doorstep instead of your own.

Our skilled team at eJobs4Pros specializes in hyperlocal marketing, a very focused form of targeted marketing to bring in qualified leads from a specific geographical area or neighborhood. We help reach would-be customers who are performing a ‘near me’ search using their mobile devices.

Research carried out by Google shows that near-me searches have grown by as much as 200 percent as more users turn to their mobile phones to find local businesses and services.

Let our team create a robust local marketing strategy so that your business achieves a #1 rank on Google’s local search box.

We can help:
  • Improve local branding
  • Promote local visibility
  • Engage with the local community via social media and other vital areas of digital marketing.
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Push your website to the top of search results using various marketing tools such as SEO, web design, and more.

We offer the following services.

Local SEO

Nowadays, everyone uses their devices to search for local business, to see products, find out hours of operation, and business proximity. With local SEO, we can increase your business’s visibility, so it comes up on more search types and gives you a boost ahead of the competition.

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